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Strategic planning meeting with full team

Strategic Planning

You need a more focused approach to building your next strategic plan.

Clear, concise, and actionable

I don't think that's too much to ask from a strategic plan.

Many leaders like you have experienced the frustration of lengthy strategic planning processes and results that gather dust on the shelf. It's time to break free from this cycle of wasted time and energy.

My strategic planning consultation is designed to bring clarity, concision, and clear decision making to the table. Your next strategic planning process should be a relief. Your next plan should be a document that your staff can actually use.

Working together



We co-develop a learning process where I engage your staff, board, or other relevant stakeholders for insight.


Goal setting

We set goals for outcomes, key milestones, and the activities that will get you there, all aligned with your team's capacity.



We review the results of the learning phase and align on a balanced and achievable set of strategic priorities.



I help you share the final plan with your team, discuss its implications, and integrate feedback where necessary.

Strategic planning that works

A good strategic plan should help your team align on a focused set of priorities with a clear path to results. Does that sound like a process that draws on both Motivational Interviewing and Quality Improvement? I certainly think so.

My strategic planning consultation will equip you and your team with the tools and processes to streamline decision-making. I work closely with your team to ensure that your plains a roadmap that guides your organization's daily work. That means focused priorities that reflect real decisions, actionable steps, clear responsibilities, and indicators of progress along the way.

Say goodbye to endless meetings and analysis paralysis, and hello to efficient decision making with clear outcomes.

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