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Change is hard. I equip leaders and their teams to better manage it.


I help clients master concrete skills they can use on a daily basis to be change leaders in their organizations. My work focuses on the disciplines of Motivational Interviewing, Quality Improvement, and Strategic Planning. 

Motivational Interviewing conversation between two people

Motivational Interviewing

Have better conversations about change. Motivational Interviewing is an evidence-based approach to identifying incentives and working with change resistance with clients and within teams.

Quality Improvement

Put your ideas to work. Quality Improvement provides a versatile set of tools to help your team adapt their practices quickly and learn from the results.

Quality Improvement idea board with post it notes
Strategic planning meeting with full team

Strategic Planning

Translate your change expertise into strategy. The Strategic Planning process can and should be a source of clarity and relief for you and your team.

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