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Motivational Interviewing conversation between two people

Motivational Interviewing

Equip yourself with powerful communication techniques to drive change.

Why Motivational Interviewing?

More than 2,500 randomized clinical trials have confirmed that Motivational Interviewing helps to promote healthy behaviors, reduce problem behaviors, and address change resistance.


Training in Motivational Interviewing helps teams like yours engage with change resistance, identify intrinsic motivation, and drive positive change, with patients and with one another. Whether you're a manager, team leader, or executive, mastering Motivational Interviewing can maximize the effectiveness of your team and increase your impact.

But where do you begin? With accessible and actionable content. I focus on practical techniques you and your team can start using today. These skills will transform your interactions with team members, clients, or stakeholders.

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Visit MI for Health to learn more about my work with clients in Motivational Interviewing. 

Results you can see

Motivational interviewing isn't about memorizing scripts or following formulas. It's about knowing when and how to use skills to understand a person's intrinsic motivation. This requires being practiced in the techniques that tap into motivation, and being able to make real-time decisions using them effectively.

Leaders who have embraced Motivational Interviewing techniques have witnessed increased employee engagement, higher productivity, improved team dynamics, and even enhanced client satisfaction. Motivational Interviewing will equip you to lead your team through change, work through resistance, and achieve results.

Ready to take your change leadership to the next level?

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